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Our best selling product line is our rope lights and we are happy to announce we distribute products from four of the world's leading rope light manufacturers giving you the widest choice and selection of rope lighting online. You will find that we carry rope lighting in various colors and voltages such as 12 volt rope lights, 24 volt rope lights, 120 volt rope lights and even 220 volt rope lights. We carry both the standard incandescent rope light, chasing rope light, led rope light and all the various rope light accessories. We offer rope light in spools and we also offer rope light by the foot that you can purchase from our company as well. We even have a rope light frequently asked questions section that will explain some of the differences and you can also contact a sales associate from our company to assist you in finding the right type of rope lighting that will meet your needs since we have so many options.

Questions? Call us at (800) 279-1681 or (716) 672-9833 9am-6pm EST Monday-Friday. Visit our other website at and for all your lighting needs!

Welcome to Tri North Lighting, Incorporated. We are a direct distributor for many major lighting manufacturers around the world. We specialize in fiber optic lighting, led light and rope lights. Our primary focus for our business is to bring to you high quality and low cost lighting products. We have the cutting edge of technology available in our lighting product line, so you think, create and illuminate your home, art piece or business.

Our next best selling product line is our fiber optic lights that we carry. There is a wide variety of applications that you can use fiber optic lighting products in and we carry most of those products. Fiber optic star ceiling kits are the most popular type of fiber optic lighting that is used these days. Our fiber optic star ceiling kits are very low cost and of a very high quality. We have very easy to install star ceiling kits to make it easier for you. All you will have to do is to drill the holes to install the fiber optic cable and plug in the fiber optic illuminator. Additionally we offer a led shooting star star kit which adds a very nice effect to your fiber optic star ceiling. Look at our fiber optic chandeliers which is one of the newest addition of fiber optic light product line. They are stunning and you will not find these in your local lighting store. The fiber optic chandelier lights are one of the hottest selling items on our website right now. They are color changing and will give your home or business a "wow" factor.

We sell end glow fiber optic cable. End Glow cable is multi-strand fibers protected in a flexible PVC jacket for ease of handling and fiber protection. End Glow cable is ideal for use with architectural lighting fixtures, landscape fixtures, watertight lenses, feature lights and End Glow signage. Click to buy fiber optic end glow cable. We also sell side glow fiber optic cable. Side glow cable is an alternative type of lighting to neon lights that can change colors. Click to buy side glow cable. To power your fiber optic cable, you will need a fiber optic illuminator to light your fiber optic side glow or end glow cable. We sell many different types of fiber optic illuminators to include auto, led light, and halogen powered fiber optic illuminators. Click here to purchase fiber optic illuminators. We have sections dedicated on fiber optic how to do glass block and tile lighting and also for our newest addition of fiber optic cove lighting. For questions regarding how to do this you can contact us at

Led lights are the wave of the future and there are substantial energy savings. Led lights are quickly replacing standard light bulbs and in most cases you have a 70% to 98% reduction in electrical costs putting money back into your pocket!!!

led flexible neon light The neon alternative is out. Look at our flexible led neon light. Imagine a neon run that does not produce heat, is low voltage, virtually unbreakable and UL listed for indoor and outdoor use. Our flexible led neon light is going to quickly replace neon across the country. Our flexible led neon light bulbs are rated for 11.4 years. No more costly replacement of neon tubes and lower electricity bills. If you have more than 100 feet of neon, we can show you how the energy savings from led flexible neon in one year will actually pay for itself. Visit our new website at for purchasing this new product in bulk.

led pool light Tri North Lighting sells led swimming pool and spa lights and niches at very low prices due to the volume that we sell. All of our led pool and spa lights have the ability to change color with five basic functions. Our led pool and spa lights use rgb led technology to mix colors and have a white light function. These led lights will save you money in energy costs and the lights will last longer than incandescent lights which means you will not have to replace the lights as often. Tri North Lighting also has fiber optic pool lights fixtures for those of you who decide to use fiber optics to light your swimming pool or spas.

led border light We sell led border lights. Led border lights are hard tubes using led technology to light building perimeters.

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